Planner - Writer - Curator




Account SupervisoR - Edelman

" Samantha was an extraordinary member of the STARZ team at Edelman. I was constantly impressed with the creativity and ideas that she brought to creative brainstorms as well as voice development for the TV shows social channels that she managed. Her thoughtful research into current social trends and imagination to push boundaries made her a great partner to work alongside within departments, including creative, account management, paid media and with the client. Her cheerful and hilarious personality made the work day easy and brought a wonderful dynamic to the team."



Vice President - Edelman

"Samantha was a great addition to the STARZ team at Edelman, excelling during her time as an intern and securing a full time role on the team. She knows how to speak Internet, which made her a good copywriter and great to have in a brainstorm. She also forged great relationships with the creative teams at Edelman, helping produce consistently better work. On a personal note, she's also hilarious and brings a breath of fresh air to any work setting."